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Looking for an affordable telephone service that works off any internet connection.

VoIP is our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that allows you to make calls using your internet connection, rather than traditional copper phone lines.

It cuts out unnecessary landline costs, and you will only be charged for your call time. Perfect for anyone with Fibre or mobile Internet looking for a home or business telephone number that is flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use.

With NEXLINK VoIP, you can replace your outdated analogue phone with a future-proof VoIP phone or install the Voice App on your Smartphone. We will supply you with a free unique 087 number, or you can make use of your existing landline number.


CallMore allows you to make affordable VoIP calls to any telephone number in the world, and free calls to other NEXLINK VoIP numbers, via your Internet connection. 

Need a VoIP Phone?

You can add our NEXLINK VoIP phone tour order during signup from as little as R650 once off.

Other Services

Extra addeed on services to take your life to the next  level

Let’s Work Together

Feel free to contact us and let one of our friendly staff get back to you, and work out a plan to get you connected in the very best way possible.