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Business Internet


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per month


Nexling supplies all the equipment for this service so that you can focus on building your business


Use as much data as you like for as long as you want. We will never throttle your line


Nexlink business internet is a dedicated and fully managed service. Our support staff is available at the clap of your fingers

Check Your Covarage

All new orders are subject to an installation fee. Standard installation kit applies and any other equipment needed will be quoted

Multiple towers in the same area.

With over 10 active towers in the East Rand, most customers have the option to connect to the best available tower ensuring a fast and reliable connection. Trees, buildings or other elements that may degrade the network quality, can be avoided in most instances by connecting to the best NEXLINK tower from the customer’s exact location.

Dedicated customer support technicians

Our highest priority is the uptime of existing NEXLINK customers. NEXLINK has support teams that are dedicated to being onsite at an existing customer’s location in the shortest time possible when they require onsite support.

Latest in network equipment technology.

To exceed customer bandwidth demand, reliability and scalability, we make use of the best equipment from leading international network and wireless equipment manufacturers. With the high volumes of equipment used on our network, we have direct access to the manufacturers’ R&D staff and often test new technologies before it’s commercially released to other networks. We can confidently say we have the best technical staff in-house backed by the top technical staff of the vendors.

Fully owned and managed networks.

NEXLINK does not resell another network provider’s services and have full control over the quality and user experience for all services offered.

2 backhaul links per high sites

Should there be problems or maintenance on any core backhaul links, the network dynamically routes all traffic via alternative links without customer services being negatively impacted.

Dedicated tower support technicians.

Our dedicated tower support teams only work on NEXLINK towers and not at NEXLINK customer premises. This enables us to perform non-critical preventative maintenance tasks and upgrades to increase the network’s reliability.

6 hours plus of battery backup at all towers.

Load-shedding or other electricity related problems does not affect the uptime of the NEXLINK network. AC supply feed and battery levels are monitored 24/7/365 so we are able to dispatch generators to sites when needed.

Round the clock network health monitoring.

Our networks are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year to pre-empt any disruptions or issues. NEXLINK’s network technicians work around the clock to ensure our customer services are not negatively impacted.

Let’s Work Together

Feel free to contact us and let one of our friendly staff get back to you, and work out a plan to get you connected in the very best way possible.